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This is the best epilator for faceI have used epilators over and over and the best epilator for face is the Braun Silk-epil 7. I have done a complete review to reveal why this is the best epilator that you can buy, period.

This epilator might well be out of reach with regards to your budget, to find one that will suit you take a look at my epilator reviews.

Let’s stay on track here and discover why this is the best epilator for using on your face. So what makes this the best epilator for face?

Well, it comes with a whole load of attachments, it even comes with a razor to trim down sensitive areas before you epilate.

One of the attachments is for sensitive areas, including your face. The attachment has a narrow head making it perfect for use across the jaw line, upper lip, chin and neck area.

A cheap epilator will not come with the attachments required for use on the face. The main attachment has massage balls fitted to reduce the pain.

Another great feature is the fact that the epilator is cordless, making it easier to manoeuvre around the face, you do not want a cord in the way do you.

If this epilator is too expensive for you, take a look at these Emjoi epilator reviews. Many of this brand work great on the face too and are much cheaper.

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Braun Silk-epil 7: Best Epilator For Face

The Braun Silk-epil 7: Is The Best Epilator For FaceThis is by far the most superior epilator for use on the face. It can remove hairs as small as 0.5 mm long, as small as a grain of sand.

The epilator has 40 tweezers working away to ensure a quick clean removal of all hairs.

If you want an epilator solely for the use on your face take a look at the Remington EP1050CDN. You can read more about it on our Remington epilator reviews page.

It’s not the fastest epilator out there, that honour goes to the Emjoi AP-18, which has a whopping 71 tweezers. However, that epilator has a cord and is not waterproof like the Braun.

The Braun can be used in the shower or bath tub, it is very efficient and removes hair completely with just one swoop over your skin.

This is the best epilator for face and is by far the most complete epilator that you can buy. In the box you get the epilator itself, 4 caps and a shaver head. All of which are easy to remove and install.

Why is this the best epilator to use on your face;

  • Has a soft speed option for use on sensitive areas like your face
  • It’s flexible/pivoting head can reach uneven places on your face
  • Has a built in light to find even fine hairs (which many older ladies get on their top lip area)
  • It is cordless
  • Has a special cap specially designed for use on the face

What Do The Customers Say

  1. The extra cap attachments make this the best epilator for face to buy, it can be used on delicate areas like your face or bikini line. The narrowest cap makes removing hairs on the upper lip so easy. The shaver head is a nice little added bonus, I use it to finish off any stray hairs that I have left over. The epilator is really well designed, it’s shape makes it really easy to hold even when wet.
  2. I bought this epilator because it has two speeds, the low speed makes it perfect for use all over my face. The built in light is also a great little feature, I always used to miss this little light hairs on my top tip, I don’t anymore.
  3. One of the removable caps has a massager built into it, this makes it a whole lot less painful to use than my other cheap epilator. The battery holds its charge for a long time, around 50 minutes if used in low mode all the time. It only takes about an hour to fully charge up, it is by far the best epilator for face that I have ever used.
  4. I love the fact that this epilator is waterproof, it makes it super easy to clean, and I can now do all my epilating in the shower every morning to keep silky smooth. I have used the epilator on my face, it does go a little red for about ten minutes after use, but it is worth it, the results are amazing.
  5. I purchased the Braun Silk-epil 7 because I was annoyed at having to shave all the time, and I wanted something that will get the hairs off my face. I am a women in my 60s and was getting a little self conscious about the hairs on my face. The epilator has given me my confidence back, it is a little painful to use on my face, but the outcome is definitely worth it. I highly recommend this epilator for use on the face, it even removes the hairs across my jaw line without any trouble at all. This is most definitely the best epilator for face that you can buy in the USA today.
  6. This is the most complete hair removal tool that you are ever going to come across. I have used the facial cap and it is brilliant, I have quite thick coarse hair and it removed it without any problems. It is the best epilator for face by a long way. I did get some redness around my face, it did go by the morning though. I now have such soft skin on my face, which is of course hairless again.

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Pros and Cons

The Braun Silk epil 7 has a rather handy built in light featureBefore you dive in there and buy the Braun Silk-epil 7 you need to know what it is not so good at doing. It is the most complete all over body epilator ever, but it still has its faults that you should be aware of.


  • Good on dark thick hair
  • Has many attachments for use all over the body
  • Small enough for travel
  • Battery lasts a long time (around 1 hour)
  • Removes really small fine hairs
  • Can be used wet and dry
  • Comes with a shaver head
  • Great for use on bikini area
  • Works great on chin and sideburns


  • Cordless only (can’t be used when plugged in)
  • Some might say a little expensive
  • Painful for first time users

Most Asked Questions

Q: What is the voltage range for this epilator?

A: It runs at 100 to 240 volts. It is made for use worldwide.

Q: Is the shaver head attachment any good?

A: The shaver is rather very useful, it works really well and will even remove thick hair. Some reviews state that the foil is a bit flimsy.

Q: Does it require batteries?

A: No, the shaver is charged up by a wire that is provided in the box.

Q: Does this Braun cause in gown hair?

A: No, just make sure that you exfoliate before use and you will not have any problems with in grown hair.

Q: Is it safe for use on your face?

A: Of course it is. The epilator comes with special safety attachments making it perfect for use on your face. It is most definitely the best epilator for face.

Q: Can it be used on pubic hair across the bikini line?

A: It has a special head for use on the bikini line area. You can use it to remove pubic hair with ease. Can be a little painful on first use.

Q: Will it cause a rash or little red bumps?

A: Any epilator could cause this. It is better to get a waterproof epilator like this one, which makes it less likely to happen.

Q: Can it be used in the bath or shower?

A: Yes, this epilator can be used in the bath or shower. It can be used wet or dry.

Q: Is it very noisy?

A: It is quite noisy yes, no more than any electric shaver out there.

Q: Is the epilator easy to clean?

A: Yes it is. The epilator comes with a handy cleaning brush. You just remove the cap and simply brush the hairs away. Being waterproof you can also run it under running water to keep it clean.

Q: What is the difference between the Braun Silk-epil 5 and 7?

A: The Braun Silk-epil 7 is cordless, the number 5 is not.

Q: Is this epilator any good on fine hair?

A: This is the best epilator that you can can buy for use on fine hair. The built int light makes it easy to find them too.

Q: Can a man use this epilator?

A: Of course, it works really well on thick hair. It is known to be great for removing back hair too. It is the best epilator for face, so can remove a mans facial hair too.

Q: Can it be used to remove hairs under the arms?

A: Yes, this is an all over body epilator. It will remove even the thickest coarse underarm hair.

Q: Does it work on peach fuzz facial hair?

A: Yes of course. Just pop on the correct cap and it will remove peach fuzz hair no problem.

Q: Can you use it when it is plugged in charging?

A: No, this epilator is for cordless use only.

Q: Which cap is for use on the face?

A: Epilation head 2 is the best for use around the face and under your chin. Also use speed setting number 1 when you first get started.

Q: How long will it take to epilate my face?

A: It will take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Q: Can it be used on thick coarse hair?

A: Yes it can, use the shaver to trim it first for best results.

Q: Does it comes with a travel case?

A: No it does not come with a travel case. It does come with a little travel bag with a drawstring at the top.

Q: What age can you use it?

A: Kids aged 7 have be known to use them without problems. Elderly men and women can use it too over the age of 70 and 80.

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My Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Braun Silk epil 7 has two speeds. Slow is best for use on the faceI am going to use the epilator on my face and let you know how it goes right here. Is it really the best epilator for face?

I will test the epilator on my eyebrows, upper lip, chin, jaw line and side burns.

First of all I exfoliate my face, I use a coffee rub, there are lots of ways to exfoliate your face before the use of an epilator.

Then I apply the narrow head cap to the epilator and press against the upper part of my nose, between my eyes. This hurts quite a bit at first, but is all over in a minute or so. My fine central eyebrow hairs have been removed quickly and easily.

You can also use the epilator to narrow your eyebrows.

Using the same cap I run the epilator slowly, on speed 1, across my top lip. It is painful, but does the job. I did not have many hairs there anyway, the built in light did pick up a few, which got removed.

I have some tiny hairs across my sideburns, which the epilator removed with easy.

The chin and jawline is pretty much pointless because I do not have any stray hairs there. I ran it over my jaw and chin anyway, the pivoting head is pretty good actually and aligns to the contours of your face, it will certainly remove hairs on the chin and jawline.

This epilator will definitely not remove nose hair. You are better off buying a shaver for that purpose. I also think it will hurt like hell on ear hair.

I do recommend this epilator, it is more expensive than others on the market but the price is well justified.

With the fact that you get a shaver and 4 interchangeable caps makes it well worth the price.

If you are getting sick of having to shave every day then an epilator like this is a great option.

I know that if you have hairs on your face the use of an epilator will slow down their growth, every time you use it you will have thinner re-growth.

See The Epilator In Action

Now it is time to see the epilator in action;

This epilator is really effective and has received many amazing reviews for this reason.

It is still very popular even though it is not the cheapest that you can buy, this is because it is very much worth the price.

It is not just the best epilator for face but for all over your body. No more paying for expensive waxing sessions or having to shave each and every day to keep those hairs at bay.

Now I only need to epilate once every two weeks on my legs, I use it on my face just once a month.

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  1. How durable is Braun Silk-epil 7 ? I mean i an see it is fitting for my hair type but I wanna know how much it can resist for that price?

    1. This is a very well made product and is highly durable. It is very unlikely to break, so is perfect for travel too.

  2. Isn’t Braun also a shampoo or hair products company? If that’s so I am buying from them cuz they know about hair.

    1. Sure is, Braun cover all sorts of products, not just epilators. They also do ear thermometers, electric shavers and much more. They are a trusted brand and will not let you down on quality that’s for sure.

    1. Brilliant, it certainly is one of the best on the market today. It is most definitely worth the money, thanks for stopping by.

  3. I was told to check this review out by a friend and to be honest I can see that it has some nice stats and I am surely going to get it and try it out.

    1. That’s great, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the epilator. Get one and let us know how you find it 🙂

    1. Good question, the battery can be a problem after a few years, it might not hold a charge anymore and will only run for 5 mins or so before it stops. People have experienced problems with the power switch after a year or so use, however these are in the minority.

    1. It will not jam at all if you clean the hairs out after every use, which is very easy to do with it being a wet and dry epilator. You can simply brush the hairs away or rinse them out in the shower or bath after use.

  4. My friend used it and she told me it’s amazing. I got to google and found this review and I must say I am impressed.

    1. Thanks, it is definitely the best epilator for face that you can buy today. The lastest model, the Braun Silk-epil 9 is good too.

    1. This epilator takes 40 mins to re-charge and will last for about 1 hour on that full charge. It is really well made and will run for years. The bag is just over 3 inches tall and 2 and a half inches wide.

  5. No problem at all, this model is great for use all over the body having so many attachments. It is particularly good on the face, as my in depth review suggests.

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